Cyber Santa Greeting Game

Greeting cards are a real challenge. It's boring. Everyone sends out similar printed cards. Most of the time with bad and cheesy design. And it usually ends in the trash bin really fast.

Of course, it's the intention that matters, but why stick to the same old crap? How could we be remembered as original and unique while everyone sends his own wishes at the same moment? How could we be creative with the same unique message everyone sends out every year?

For 2018, we've decided to hit hard, and change the greeting card game by creating a pixel art arcade game.



Final game

Here's what's the final game looks like. It's a basic arcade keyboard game. You collect points as long as you're still alive. The further you go, the more point you get. Get extra points by gettings some gifts and watch out the evil turkey.

The best would be to try it out, right? If you want to have some fun at the office, play our Cyber Santa Game.

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