Ligatus Bold Design System

I'm working at Ligatus - a native advertising platform for publishers and advertisers - for almost 10 years where I've started as webdesigner. I've followed the company evolution since almost its beginning and after working with a cross locations (offices and cities) organization for years, and after many companies acquisitions we've ended with a really inconsistent scope of web apps (mostly made by developers), using various technologies without any design consistency.

By the time I've started in the company, product design was in its really early stage. But the raise of web technologies as well as new product development methods such as the Agile one created new design needs. Design must iterate, scale fast, and fit in the product development cycle.

"A Design Language System is a collection of components defined by shared principles and patterns. This allows for rapid iteration using a shared vocabulary across design, engineering, and other disciplines."

Alex Schleifer - VP of Design at Airbnb

I had a chance to take over the Design Director position to make Product Design, UX and UI a central point of the product development process. Beside improving the orverall Design aspect of our products, my role was to elevate design in the company in order to reduce our tech and design debt, and move from a feature focus to a user focus. Design Systems got more an more mature, heavily documented on the Internet, so we've decided to give a try to a new design method offering a common language we can use across team, locations and time.

Design Tokens

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