Ligatus BOLD Brand Identity System

By the time I've started my role as Head of Design at Ligatus - a native advertising platform for publishers and advertisers - the company was growing really fast. We've opened many offices in various countries reaching the amount of 10. All this along with our product offer that got bigger and more complex. Then, I had to deal with a lot of challenges: my team covers an international scope and we had to deal with too many and inconsistent requests coming (always too late) from all countries where personal wishes & feelings seemed to be more important than consistency within Ligatus Corporate Identity (CI) and design, regarless the coordination effort that was done.

Our previous identity was based on complex illustrations only (no photo) that were used to highlight various concept. We've found out over the time that it became a real nightmare to illustrate any possible idea. Not only because the team needed an illustration for almost everything, but also because our illustrations were too time consuming to create. In addition to that, there were no clear rule for using our CI which brought our brand into a visual chaos. The conclusion was simple: it was made by designer for designer, and not suitable for a daily use by none designers. The gap between what we can do with it, and team expectations was too big. It was time for a change.

Branding Systems: flexible enough to successfully tie together threads across different cities, venues, languages, and be applied to everything from the website to social posts, wall graphics, printed matter, and swag.

Google Design

As for UX/UI, I've decided to use the system approach to create our new Identity as it offers a possible way to build something scalable and consistent across countries, languages, countries and support.

The goal : create a new visual language made of a collection of design components (colors, shapes, illustrations, photos etc.) connected by rules and guidelines that make them work together to create a unified, consistent, scalable and flexible Brand.

To make things good with efficiency require focus on what has value. In design, value is the thinking, not the doing. This new Brand Indentity System has offered us, designers, a way to re-focus our work on our real value : creativity ; and so provide the teams with better, and faster design work.

Visual Language


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